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Light a Village ®

Join us in bringing light and power to every family living in a remote community in Guatemala! With only $50 we can illuminate and bring the basic energy to a home in a remote village that today only can use candles and kerosene.

Solar Schools ®

Become part of the 1 million lights challenge! Almost 1 million children in rural Guatemala do not have the proper illumination to read and study. We want to make sure that no kid is left out from the opportunity of having the ability to study and achieve their dreams.

With only $15 we can provide a solar pico lamp to each kid that needs clean and brilliant illumination to properly read and study at night

Casa de Luz ®

In Amigos de la Aldea we believe the root of the future change is in education. Since 2009 our organization has given more than 500 full scholarships to boys and girls dreaming to become the best generation. Thanks to donations and our own contributions, we make this possible. We like to bring the light to the minds and hearts of children. With only $450 a year (or $45 a month) we can provide education and help any children in a rural area to reach their dreams. Join us in providing solid education and a brighter future for hundreds of children of the villages!