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Solar Energy For All

Amigos de la Aldea is a social enterprise improving the quality of life of under-served rural communities with practical and low cost energy solutions.

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Our dream is to democratize solar energy access across all levels of society!

Families living in rural areas without access to electricity spend about $20 a month on candles and mobile charging. Children have difficulty reading at night and are subject to air contamination and burn accidents. The lack of energy stops other productive activities when the sun sets.

3 million
people in Guatemala don’t have proper access to electricity


When families switch from candles to our solar lamp solutions, they will save about $20 a month (about 15% of their income). This will free enough resources to invest in basics like food, education and other productive projects.

Health & Security

Our solar solutions eliminate the need of use of candles that emit toxic fumes and are extremely dangerous. This means homes with cleaner air and reduced risk of accidental burns caused by fires.

Education & Productivity

When children have a brilliant non-toxic light source, their hours of study and school performance increases. Parents also can engage in other productive projects at night. The whole family becomes more productive.


The use of solar energy instead of dirty energy helps to reduce the carbon footprint per household. It is estimated that the use of candles or kerosene can generate 370kg of carbon, per year, per home. With solar energy, zero.

High-quality, practical solar solutions for all

Our portfolio includes a wide range of options and prices of solar lamps and basic solar home systems. We aim to provide solutions for all income levels so everyone can own a good solar system.

All of our systems are high-quality and feature brilliant LED lights, robust design to withstand all climates and conditions, long-lasting (5 year) advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries, and a 6-month warranty.

From small portable solar lamps to lamps with mobile charging and integrated radios all the way up to solar home systems capable of lighting multiple rooms - we have it all!

Solar energy to satisfy your basic needs

icon duracion Up to 72 hours of light

icon cel Mobile Charging

icon solar Robust solar panels

icon masbrillo 30X more light than a candle

Our Programs

Join us to change the world, one community at a time

Light a Village ®

  Start date: Jan, 1 2019   End date: Jul, 31 2021   Donors : 4

Join us in bringing light and power to every family living in a remote community in Guatemala! With only $50 we can illuminate and bring the basic energy to a home in a remote village that today only can use ..

Raised: $ 57.00
Goal: $ 5,200.00

Solar Schools ®

  Start date: Feb, 1 2019   End date: Nov, 29 2021   Donors : 2

Become part of the 1 million lights challenge! Almost 1 million children in rural Guatemala do not have the proper illumination to read and study. We want to make sure that no kid is left out from the opportunity of ..

Raised: $ 51.00
Goal: $ 4,800.00

Casa de Luz ®

  Start date: Feb, 13 2019   End date: Jul, 31 2021   Donors : 0

In Amigos de la Aldea we believe the root of the future change is in education. Since 2009 our organization has given more than 500 full scholarships to boys and girls dreaming to become the best generation. Thanks to donations ..

Raised: $ 0.00
Goal: $ 21,000.00

Stories of Lives Changed

  • Every night we used to consume about 5 candles to illuminate our home. Each candle costs about Q1.00 ($0.15) a unit. And we paid Q3.00 ($0.40) per every mobile charge. On monthly basis we spent about Q150 ($20). Since we bought our lamps with Amigos de la Aldea we have been saving, we have brilliant clean light and mobile charging at home!
    Sonia Tampo
    Tactic Alta Verapaz
  • I am happy because before I had no light at my house. I lit my nights with candles, I used 3 candles regularly. The situation is difficult because we could not even communicate as we can not always charge our cell phone, only when we go to the center and it is a bit far from here. Now I can light my nights with my solar lamp and also charge my cell phone!
    Guadalupe Patze Itzé
    San Vicente Los Cimientos
  • As part of the teaching community we have seen all the problems the villagers go through. With the solar lamps that you contribute, it will bring a lot of help. The students will be able to study and illuminate their homes!
    Ruben Tolón - Teacher
    Aldea Chupel
  • We did not have electricity, we did not have energy here in this community and thanks for the people who contributed these lamps those reached us at a low cost. It serves us to serve our homes. I am very thankful because we are a far distance from the center of town. Thank God for these lamps, we thank you very much and we thank God also because he has sent these lamps to serve our communities and help us grow.
    Pascual Cale
    Aldea Chupel
  • The kids had to do their homework. They used to do it at night using candles because they only had access to that but now they use these lamps! It has helped them because the children go to the hill to cut firewood in the afternoon as a job, but at night is when the kids are engaged in doing their homework.
    Mynor Mathias - Teacher
    Aldea Chupel